Modern Interior

We illustrated the image below into a series of fun interiors & situations to show you how Visual Intelligence works.

 Starting image by Victor Arnautoff

Starting image by Victor Arnautoff


Setting #1 - A Modern, Fun Interior

We wanted to echo the Deco style of the painting with the geometric wallpaper.

There are a bunch of Modern interiors we use, you can see them here. 


Setting #2 - Minimal Vignette

Here the original image is show in a vignette over a white wall and blue credenza. For Ecommerce, these simple and elegant vignettes are very popular.

Setting #3 - Full Interiors

If you have a variety of pieces you want to show, or just really want to show your work in a certain way, full interiors are the way to go.

In each case, we may fill a whole interior with your art work...could be something!