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Danae Diaz Illustration

Spanish illustrator Danae Diaz has a whimsical, socially conscious way of presenting her work. 


Danae Diaz Illustration

A Study of a Simple Modern Interior Space

Danae Diaz's work caught my eye after I saw her featured in Wallpaper Magazine. I wanted to show her work in a simple, clean interior space. 


Holy Night by Danae Diaz

Holy Night Pt 2 by Danae Diaz



The marble, gold, and white accents would enhance the minimal color pallet of Danae's illustrations, subtly providing a richer color experience. 


You Make Me Real by Danae Diaz

You Make Me Real Detail by Danae Diaz

You Make Me Real Sideview by Danae Diaz



Danae's aesthetic is simple and minimal in its presentation, and I wanted the interior to reflect this simplicity. The vignette style, as opposed to a larger interior, really focuses the viewer on the artwork, instead of the interior in general.


You Make Me Real Draft (pre-illustration) by Product Viz


You Make Me Real by Danae Diaz



About Danae

Danae Diaz is a Spanish illustrator currently in Berlin. Visit here on the web at or on Instagram @danaediazillustration. 

Below are the original pieces we use in the illustrations above.