Kathryn Freeman


A Mural in Scandinavian Space

I've been a fan of Kathryn's for a long time. She was one of the first artists I reached out to after starting ProductViz. I wanted to capture one of her murals in an interior setting. I ultimately went with a Scandinavian interior to show her work.

Mural by Kathryn Freeman

This first interior look was meant to show the scale of the mural by portraying it on the wall behind the sofa. The scale and magical realism of the piece reminds me of the famous Diego Rivera murals

Man Sleeping by Kathryn Freeman

About Kathryn

Kathryn Freeman is an American fine artist. Her work has been shown internationally and she is currently in the Washington DC area.

Artist Kathryn Freeman mixes classical composition and magical realism to create narrative paintings. Her unique work has been exhibited nationwide from New York to Los Angeles with many others in public and private collections worldwide.

After finishing her Masters of Fine Arts at Brooklyn College, Kathryn had her inaugural exhibit at Tatischeff Gallery, NYC featuring work inspired by her Brooklyn neighborhood. She left New York for Warsaw, Poland in 1984 where she found inspiration in the symbolism and allegory in the culture that surrounded her. She next lived in London and  found herself in the Highgate suburbs of Hampstead Heath. Although her travels inspired many well-known pieces like “January Thaw,” she returned to the United States in 1993, exhibiting again at Tatischeff Gallery where it all began.

Kathryn has since done monumental murals towering three stories along with expanding into writing and illustrating books as well as painting narrative portraits.

Visit her on the web at http://www.kathrynfreeman.com/ where you can her collected works, which I highly recommend. I originally found Kathryn through a favorite blog, http://www.brwnpaperbag.com/ which always features excellent artists and craftspeople.

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