Liz Rowland Illustration

A Study of Light Colors in a Modern Interior Space

Hi, Jake here. I reached out to Liz Rowland after seeing her work on Brwnpaperbag. Sarah from BPB pointed out that Liz has a style reminiscent of Jonas Wood -- semi surreal with a pastel color pallette.


Modern Interior #2



The pastel colors and lighthearted content seemed like a perfect match for a MidCentury style home. I imaged all these photos in a neat little Stockholm apartment. 

I choose a Modern Interior to display Liz's illustrations. You can see more illustrations from Modern interiors here.


Modern Interior with Liz Rowland Illustrations

Modern Interior prior to Illustration



My idea was to have a series of images, each expanding farther and farther to eventually show a whole wall of Liz's illustrations.

The wall would finally be revealed a as a mishmash hanging style.

As an illustrator, these photos could be used as individual product photos or as more general brand photos on Instagram. 


Interior with Liz Rowland illustrations, shown here from the side


Interior before Illustration


Modern Interior #3


Full Interior view Before Illustration


About Liz

Liz Rowland is an English illustrator currently based in Australia. You can follow her on IG @lizrowland

Or check out her website at Where you can buy prints.