DIY Product Photography Guide

DIY product photography isn’t as hard as you might think; you can get professional level photos of your products with just a few preparatory steps. 

Photo studio set up

Photo studio set up

This quick guide will help you take some amazing photographs that will highlight the best features of your products no matter what you’re selling.

Make a Quick List of your Products and the Shots Needed

It’s a good idea to make a quick list of all of the products that you’ll need to photograph along with the different types of shots needed, i.e. front, back, side, etc. 

Any spreadsheet will do for this list, and as you shoot each product you can check it off the list so that you don’t take two sets of photos and waste time. 

Dust and Clean Your Products

Get your products in nice and neat condition by dusting or cleaning them off prior to your shoot if needed. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning them. Try to group up similar products together as well which will help you streamline your shoot.  

Get a White Background

You’ll have several different options available to create a white background. You can purchase a small white sweep online or from a local photography store. You can choose a long rectangular white Mat Board for your backdrop or a poster board, which you can find at an art supply store. 

Even a long roll of white paper or sheet will work. Adhere it to a vertical surface so that it sweeps from being flat on your table to vertical. There’s no right size for your white background, it should just be bigger than your products.

Get Your Lighting Right

Natural sunlight can work perfectly well for many types of product photos. If it’s a cloudy day or if you want even better lighting, you’ll want to invest a little bit in a lighting setup. 

For artificial lighting, set up your product in the middle on a table, the camera and sweep on opposite sides, and two lights on either side of the product. Add a third light above and behind your product.

Set your Camera Up

Many types of cameras can work for your product photos, but it’s always a good idea to stabilize whatever camera you use for the best quality possible. 

Any stable surface can be used to set your camera on, otherwise if you have the budget you can invest in a tripod. You can even find mini adjustable tripods for smartphone cameras at a low cost if you want to go that route. 

With these quick steps, you’ll be well on your way to taking an amazing set of product photos!


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After 10 years of working for a marketing agency as a re-toucher and design guru, he started ProductViz to help artists show the world how beautiful their work is.

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